Friday, December 23, 2011

Boots - The Handsome Kitty

Boots is a gentle big baby.  We got him in September of 2010.  His previous owner died and the relatives dumped him in a shelter.  Wasn't it too bad?  No one wanted this handsome fellah?  If I was one of the relatives, I sure would take this handsome kitty.  Anyways, when we saw him at the shelter, husband held him and Boots purred nonstop!!! Yes, he's a purring machine. 

He is my husband's couch and lap kitty.  Of course, I love him, too.  He is my baby. =)

Meet Chiquita

Chiquita had the saddest story of all my cats.  She was abused by her previous owner.  I found her on Facebook.  I supports animal resuers on FB. One morning, I saw a post about a cat who wants get killed by the owner if no one would step up and adopt her before 6PM.  Rikki's Refuge stepped up and rescued her.  I volunteered to adopt Chiquita and a chip in circulates the FB walls, that was for Chiquita's plane ticket and for her escort - a RR volunteer.  Yes, she traveled all the way from W.Virginia to Michigan. With the love of different individuals, Chiquita finally made it home - here with me, with us.  

Chiquita is very happy in her new home.  I cannot imagine a day without her.  She loves me more than anything. =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Asia Is Pissed

Meet Asia. She was upset when I was trying to help her do my homework, LOL

Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

I have had cats since I was 4 years old and since then I don't remember not having at least one cat in my house.  I had 7 in college and I have 7 today.  All were rescued.  Last September, 2010 when our oldest cat died, it was really sad and quiet after she passed.  I have another kitties but the oldest was my husband's and he was so devastated that his cat was gone.  So we went to the shelter and brought 2 home.  I will tell you the rest of the story later as I go along with my story.  Nonetheless, I want to introduce my households. =)

Meet Tiki, the silly.  Yes, she is the silliest among my kitties.  She might be the smallest but the craziest.  

Dusty is the youngest. She eats a lot that she grows so much and now bigger than Cookie. She is also my laundry-kitty.

 Here, Dusty is just posing near the stuffed rabbit.

 Cookie loves to watch TV, as well.  She would stop by just to watch TV or DVD movie with us.

Cookie is always shy.  The lady-like in the group but sweet and would prefer brushing than having her meal.

Boots is the only male in the clan... he's a trooper...

I still have 3 other kitties that I want you to meet, but they are dozing right now, ahihihi... You will meet them later on.