Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Become One

Tiki and Boots were sleepig on a different spot when suddenly Tiki decided to join Boots.  Boots was so weak to refuse.

Cuteness overload was all I see here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Remember Burglar?

Do you remember Burglar?  He was the feral cat that was attacked by other cats and severely wounded.  We took him in that day and made an appointment with the veterinary doctor and got spayed the same day of his appointment. Here is the very first post about Burglar.  Hope you get a chance to read and follow his updates. Appreciated much.

Now, Burglar is a very happy cat.  No longer a feral.  He lives inside our house.  I cannot let him around my other cats, though.  I have 13 other cats.  He is cannot be around other cats, for some reason.  He is very sweet to humans but aggressive to other animals.  He has his own room and if he wanna go out, we let him out.  However, we are making sure that he is inside when my husband and I are going out and it's night time.  I don't allow him to stay outdoor anymore. 

We live by the roadside and it is not pet-friendly due to passing cars and buses. Burglar is happy with us and I am sure of that.  Though, he is separated with my other cats, him and the other cats can still play through a tiny hole on the doorway.  I just do not want them to have a collision, most especially with Boots.  Boots claims himself as the Alpha Cat.  I love them, nonetheless.

Here is one of Burglar's picture in the summer.  I have so many pictures of us together that I did not have time to post on here.  I am trying my best to keep up with my absences.

Burglar watching his property.  Making sure nobody is taking over him.