Friday, December 23, 2011

Boots - The Handsome Kitty

Boots is a gentle big baby.  We got him in September of 2010.  His previous owner died and the relatives dumped him in a shelter.  Wasn't it too bad?  No one wanted this handsome fellah?  If I was one of the relatives, I sure would take this handsome kitty.  Anyways, when we saw him at the shelter, husband held him and Boots purred nonstop!!! Yes, he's a purring machine. 

He is my husband's couch and lap kitty.  Of course, I love him, too.  He is my baby. =)

Meet Chiquita

Chiquita had the saddest story of all my cats.  She was abused by her previous owner.  I found her on Facebook.  I supports animal resuers on FB. One morning, I saw a post about a cat who wants get killed by the owner if no one would step up and adopt her before 6PM.  Rikki's Refuge stepped up and rescued her.  I volunteered to adopt Chiquita and a chip in circulates the FB walls, that was for Chiquita's plane ticket and for her escort - a RR volunteer.  Yes, she traveled all the way from W.Virginia to Michigan. With the love of different individuals, Chiquita finally made it home - here with me, with us.  

Chiquita is very happy in her new home.  I cannot imagine a day without her.  She loves me more than anything. =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Asia Is Pissed

Meet Asia. She was upset when I was trying to help her do my homework, LOL